RE-EDUCO international school contest aims to create new innovative ideas and the development of entrepreneurial and digital skills among students. Thus, it is launched aimed at selecting the best business ideas developed by students from each country and supporting students in the creation of the business project through mentorship and the support of experts in business development and startups.

The competition will address the following thematic areas: Climate Change, Education, Health & Wellbeing and Smartcities.


With this aim, this school contest will address the following specific objectives:

  • Design co-sharing paths for digital development in an innovative, sustainable, inclusive way in various key sectors for the European economy, using innovative learning methodologies and new technologies.
  • Produce innovative project ideas to accompany the development of an entrepreneurial idea and start-up, through collaborations with digital companies.
  • Strengthen relationships between teachers, students, business companies, in an entrepreneurial vision through active and creative educational approaches.
  • Development and/or use of tools and Apps to promote digital innovation in specific fields.
  • Enhance students’ participation and improve their digital, entrepreneurial and soft skills.
  • Project management and teamwork.

Target audience

  • School students (Secondary School, VET students)
  • Teachers-tutor / expert-mentor who support and direct students

Contest Timeline

PHASE 1: Contest open for registration (February 2022)

PHASE 2: Close registration (31th March 2022). Registered students will be invited to self-assess their digital skills through an online tool.

PHASE 3: Sessions of mentorship and webinars run by business development ideas experts and start-ups with teachers and students will be offered in online format. Additionally, the students will have access to online material on computer and online essentials, word processing, spreadsheets and will be invited to an online presentation skills workshop. Participation in this training is compulsory to present the Project idea in phase 4.


PHASE 4: Once the ideas of student’s teams are ready, they must be sent through the RE-EDUCO Website to be evaluated by the jury.

Deadline for submission of final project ideas: 31st May

PHASE 5: The jury will select the two best national ideas with potential for acceleration between all categories (Climate Change, Education, Health & Wellbeing y Smartcities).

PHASE 6: The winner will be invited to present its business idea in an international start-up session for digital innovation with the winners of the national contest from Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Finland. This mentorship session will consist of a plenary session with start-ups related to the field of the winner idea to offer feedback and knowledge about the opportunities of scalability of the idea and to receive tutoring related to the development of business ideas and digital applications in digital fields

Evaluation criteria

  • The idea must be solid, viable and scalable (potential for acceleration).
  • The idea must fill in all the sections that appear in the template provided.
  • The innovative and novel character of the idea will be valued.
    Original is always better!
  • The level of development of the idea will be assessed.
    The more details the better!
  • Presentation and clarity in the exposition of the idea.
    Clear and well-defined ideas always win!
  • The social, digital and educational commitment of the idea will be positively valued.

Delimitation of Sectors

  • CLIMATE CHANGE: How to ensure sustainable consumption and production and combat climate change and its impacts.
  • EDUCATION: How to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote learning opportunities.
  • HEALTH & WELL-BEING: How to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
  • SMARTCITIES: How to make sustainable cities and communities.

Awards and Honours

  • The award for the two best ideas per country will be their participation at the international start-ups’ sessions for digital innovation.
  • The winners of the contest will have the opportunity to receive tutoring related to the development of business ideas and digital applications in digital fields.
  • This mentorship session will consist in a plenary session with start-ups related to the field of the winner idea to offer feedback and knowledge about the opportunities of scalability and acceleration of the idea.
  • All participants will be able to improve their digital skills through the training material provided.
  • Participation is free. Participating teams will receive a final certificate of attendance

Evaluation and candidatures

The evaluation of candidatures will be an objective, impartial and transparent process carried out by a jury composed of specialists in business and entrepreneurship, external experts, teachers and project partners who will select the best idea with potential for acceleration.

Deadline for application

The application period begins on February 2022 and ends on 31st March 2022

Contact and information

Re – Educo project:

Re-educo email:

How to participate?

As each country partner will manage its own registration through its own google form, here should appear the name of each country in order to get to the registration form for each country and the specific data contact of each partner:

RE-EDUCO Business Model Canvas: