RE-EDUCO encourages the production, experimentation and sharing of new approaches and training methods in the field of digital culture.

It enhances the role of digital culture improving the possibilities for growth and exchange, widening the choices for young people in private and professional life.

Considering this complex framework, the project was born from the need to produce and test, at a transnational level, a range of methodologies and best practices to improve the skills of students and teachers and encourage them to embrace digital innovation in their lives, career opportunities and educational environments.


Training course

Digitalization of educational practices stands high on policy agendas at European and national levels.

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C1 Staff online training

Become an active citizen in the digital society! From September 20 to 22 a RE-EDUCO workshop addresses the new challenges and provides higher level vocational skills.

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Meet the Cyprus associate partners

From Cyprus both PASCAL English School Lefkosia and PASCAL Greek School Lefkosia participated with 78 students and 4 educators in the implementation in Greek and English of the seminars "Empowering People and Community"

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Project’s Scientific Director