RE-EDUCO produces 5 IOs:​

IO1 - NEED ANALYSIS: Active citizenship for digital society.

A training scheme for Active citizenship for a digital society.  Skills and Formative Planning which includes:

IO1.A1 – Needs analysis. Competence profiles update: perspective and impacts for the future digital society.

An analysis of mismatch of disruptive innovation determined by digital innovation, focusing on the new profiles, new skills, new trends of labor markets pulled by the industry 4.0, and the scenario of a 5.0 society, composed of:

IO1.A1.1 The European Perspective.Competence profiles update perspective and impacts for the future digital society


IO1.A1.2 Needs analysis.National Reports

IO1.A1.3 Comparative Report  

IO1.A2 Empowering people and community. Risks and opportunities of digitalization for life.

IO2 - Excellence in teaching, learning and skills development.

Open Online Digital Education/Virtual training for Excellence in teaching, learning and skills development to promote quality teaching. This IO provides an international Alliance 4 Digital challenge Community (All4DigCha) and Training course and online learning community. This community of practices aims to create an European area for education and quality of education for and with digital. The Community will continue its activity behind the project ensuring continuity and sustainability of project results by an international perspective by the RE-EDUCO YouTube Channel.

The training course for teachers took place from 18 October to 8 November 2021 and involved 636 students from all partner countries. 

Download  “Training Course Syllabus” 
Download  “IO2.A6.1.pdf
Download  “IO2.A6.3.pdf

IO3 - School Contest: from the idea research to digital start up.

The international competition of the RE-EDUCO project took place on Monday, October 3.

In this online event, the winning students from each country – Finland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Cyprus – presented their proposals to an international jury of experts.

The proposals presented covered different problems within the sectors of E-health and wellbeing, climate change, smart cities and digital education and offered solutions integrating digital technologies to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and fair planet.

The day concluded with one winner per country.
The winning proposals from each country are as follows:
Winners from Cyprus: SimplIE-GREEN
Winners from Finland: Bono´s Fresh Kicks
Winners from Greece: TranschApp
Winners from Italy: Scavengers of the Sea
Winners from Spain: SororidApp


In this day we had the opportunity to create synergies between students, partners and experts, and give feedback on the business proposals of all students. The winners of the competition will receive mentoring tutorials and free educational material to implement their business ideas!

IO4 - Active Learning for digital innovation.

Elaborates Learning/teaching/training material for Active Learning for digital innovation to improve their digital skills and competencies. The training will help them identify their personal gaps and will support them in gaining those skills needed in order to present their projects in an innovative way. IO4 release in open access the self-evaluation test and the free training modules to help students reach the identified standards set.

IO5 - Release Project results and Reccomandations

Provides Methodologies and Guidelines for non formal learning methods. IO5 represents the final step by which the consortium realizes the peer review and evaluation for whole project results for updating and releasing both by Guidelines, recommendations and tool for non formal learning methods (IO5.A1) and Re-Educo Youtube channel (IO5.A2) to ensure the continuity and sustainability of community and lifelong learning online training paths for teachers. All materials are written in English and remain available in open access.

C1 - Short-Term joint staff training events

All useful supports, best practices and materials integrated to guarantee the maximum continuity, diffusion and sustainability
Staff training invitation