The seminars dedicated to schools foreseen in the ERASMUS + RE-EDUCO project are starting.

The seminars “Empowering people and community. Risks and opportunities of digitalization for life” will be replicated in all partner countries.

In Italy, the seminars involve almost 500 students from nine high schools distributed throughout the country.

The seminars are part of the activities carried out for the realization of the IO 1 Active citizenship for the digital society. Skills and Formative Planning with the aim to:

  • provide Institutions, students and innovative sectors with a framework to better understand the potentiality and risks of digital technologies
  • encourage cooperation and strengthening of partnerships between training institutions, research centres and businesses
  • offer students and teachers the opportunity to increase their digital skills, through collaboration with digital companies and participation in creative active learning
  • promote the development of new learning paths and pedagogical approaches amongst teachers
  • encourage the sharing of materials and ideas through the promotion of an international community
  • share best practices for the dissemination of digital culture, and integrated new educational approaches

For more information on scheduling activities, consult the calendar of events.