REthinking EDUcation COmpetencies. Expertise, best practices and teaching in Digital Era (RE-EDUCO) is a research-action project that aims to create the best conditions for exchange good practices for producing innovation and cooperation in and between partner countries (Italy, Spain, Finland, Greece, Cyprus).

The main objectives of RE-EDUCO is the improvement of the wide socio-economic environment by:

  • the creation of a bridge between different system such as: education-training-work; research-innovation-development necessary to contribute to restore an educating community;

  • the innovation in organizational and educational processes to reduce the mismatch in job offer-demand in a digital era;

  • the promotion of excellence in teaching and skills development;

  • the spread of best practices at European level;

  • the dissemination of a broader digital culture useful to manage responsibly digital technologies.

RE-EDUCO has built a partnership among universities, research centers, training institutions, schools, associations, business accelerators and incubators, including different experiences, approaches and perspectives.

RE-EDUCO contributes to the improvement of teaching processes related to digital skills by:

  • the understanding of digital transformation and emerging skills recorded by the world of work, to offer important sources of information to students, teachers, families, policy and decision makers
  • the improvement of teachers’ strategic skills in the use of new methodologies and online environment in education and didactical activities
  • the experiment a new training model for students and teachers, which aims at contributing to the creation of digital competences to respond the new demands of knowledge and information society to education, raising the quality of teaching as required by all European documents.

To favor the transferability of good practices and innovation among all partners RE-EDUCO provides one Training Activities. Strong relevance is assigned to events to disseminate good practices, knowledge, competences and resources. 4 events are realized by the consortium during 34 months to reach a significant number of people to involve in the digital transformation. All the project is monitored by a transversal action foreseeing an intermediate and final Evaluation, run by P1 in strong cooperation with other partners.

Communication and dissemination are also transversal actions which accompany all the project, concluding with an International Conference in Spain.