The CRES IELPO Centre, based in Rome, Italy, serves as a “creative lab” for an applied research through a lively elaboration of ideas and educational projects.

The main goal of the Centre is to provide people, institutions and organizations with competencies to build proper national and regional policies policy plans aimed at enhancing research in the education field.

Diversity Opportunity is a consultancy and service company with branches in Rome and Mila, Italy for the HR area and specifically in the Diversity Management area.

Their innovation is based on accompanying services to companies and government agencies. Diversity Opportunity offers a propulsive thrust for complete cultural change in terms of training and development.

The institute was founded in 1979 in Rome, Italy, with the name “32° Liceo Scientifico”; in 1982 it was renamed after Teresa Gullace Talotta, in honour of the courageous woman, mother of five children, who resisted Nazi violence and was slaughtered on 3 March 1944,  while demanding the liberation of her husband. Rossellini drew inspiration from her story for Pina, the character played by Anna Magnani in the film “Roma città aperta”.

The High School “Andrea Palladio” based in Treviso, Italy offers studies in Construction, Environment and Territory (CAT), Wood Technology (TEL) and Graphics and Communication (GEC). There is also an evening course for adults, employed, unemployed or unemployable, who wish to obtain a diploma in one of the above-mentioned subjects.

Palladio pursues the objective of fostering the growth of students through the Integrated Digital Teaching method, which uses digital platforms alternated with innovative methodologies of face-to-face teaching, with the aim of training technicians equipped with both specific professional training and a solid cultural background useful to students who choose to continue their studies in post-diploma and/or university courses.

The High School “Sciascia”, based in Messina, Italy, was created from the aggregation of pre-existing schools, Liceo Classico and Liceo Linguistico “L. Sciascia”, Liceo Scientifico “E. Fermi”, to which new addresses have been added: Liceo delle Scienze Umane and Liceo Scienze Applicate. 

The institute has excelled, especially over the last decade, in national competitions in mathematics, physics and classical languages. 

A partner in Erasmus projects, the language school works with foreign partners in twinning projects and/or cultural exchanges. 

The pride and joy of the Nebrodi area’s high schools, it has a school population of 1260 pupils, 130 teachers and 50 staff and is constantly growing. 

A language and IT certification centre, it works in synergy with local and other organisations.

The High School “Ischia” in the homonymous island in Italy, offers five high school courses: classical, linguistic, scientific, scientific with applied sciences option and humanities.


The institute of Higher Education Borghese-Faranda is a school based in the town of Patti (Messina), Italy. 

Archangelos High School is a secondary public school with 460 students ageing from 12-15 years old and 55 teachers. The school is in the capital of Cyprus Nicosia about 7 Km from the city centre. The school’s curriculum includes Greek literature and history, maths, sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), foreign languages, computer science, design and technology, music, domestic science, and physical education. The school is part of several projects related to the environment and energy saving and is  also involved in e-twinning and Erasmus+ projects to share ideas, cooperate and raise the students interest in communication with the students of other schools.

PASCAL Private English School is a private co-educational six-year English-medium secondary school based in Nicosia, Cyprus whose graduates receive an Apolytirion (recognised secondary school leaving qualification). The school provides a comprehensive program of holistic education, cultivating pupils’ abilities, skills and inclinations so that they develop into young, mature, dynamic, balanced individuals who are ready to face the challenges of the future.
PASCAL Greek School Lefkosia (Ελληνική Σχολή ΠΑΣΚΑΛ Λευκωσίας) was founded in 2001 and registered as the same type as Cyprus state schools, meaning that is in line with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. Moreover, it offers an extended curriculum, extended day and additional support in major subjects. The school provides a comprehensive program of holistic education, cultivating pupils’ abilities, skills and inclinations so that they develop into young, mature, dynamic, balanced individuals who are ready to face the challenges of the future. The pupils participate in the Pancyprian Examinations, in order to obtain their “Apolytirion”,  their “Certificate of Access” and their “General Grade” needed for the placement at Cyprus and Greek state universities. The pupils, also, take the CAIE IGCSE English as a Second Language examination and/or IELTS. With the careful and well thought out selection of the elective subjects in the Lyceum along with the systematic school assessment and along with the fact that the school offers five major subjects whereas other state schools of the same type offer four, the PASCAL Greek School pupils are geared towards a competitive Apolytirion, which enables access to the universities worldwide, without any need for additional private tuition or qualifications such as GCE A level.

The Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani is an independent philanthropic body that promotes social, economic, cultural and environmental development in the territory of the provinces of Agrigento and Trapani (Sicily, Italy).

The Foundation supports the development of solidarity in the community to offer opportunities to people and nonprofit organizations. Through the promotion of giving culture, participation, and shared responsibility the Foundation generates innovative social programs capable of assuming strategic importance across the territory.

The establishment of the Agrigento and Trapani Community Foundation is part of the program to support Community Foundations in Southern Italy promoted by the CON IL SUD Foundation.

Vantaa Vocational College Varia is located within the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland. At Varia, we organise multidisciplinary upper secondary education for both youths and adults (currently around 3,800 students; of which, 2,700 are youths and 1,100 adults). Students have a chance to graduate with one of more than 20 different vocational upper secondary qualifications or further and specialist qualifications. We offer vocational upper secondary qualifications in Hairdressing, in Social and Health Care, in Aircraft Maintenance, in Building Maintenance, in Construction, in Electrical Engineering and Automation, in Food Production, in Information and Telecommunications Technology, in Logistics, in Metalwork and Machinery, in Property Maintenance Service, in Safety and Security, in Surface Treatment Technology, in Vehicle Technology, in Restaurant and Catering Services, in Tourism Industry, in Visual Expression and in Crafts and Design. We also offer tailor-made educational services to businesses and communities. Our goal is to provide students basic skills required in the workplace and, as part of this, practical skills acquired from on-the-job learning. 

The Regional Gymnasium of Livadia in this project, with a role in implementing RE-EDUCO project at middle-school level; the school has 530 pupils aged 12 – 14 years old. It is a public school, with regional scope situated in a rural area with pupils coming from 5 different villages.

One of these villages, Pyla, is in the demilitarized border buffer zone. In Pyla village, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots have been living together in peace for hundreds of years. Pyla village and Troulloi village are next to the Turkish occupied area of Cyprus since 1974.

The school has pupils with special needs and there is a separate unit with specialized teachers who teach these pupils. Apart from teachers, there are trained personnel to look after these pupils.

It’s a multicultural school where 10% of the pupils come from other countries (i.e Iran, Syria and other neighbouring countries, who have arrived in Cyprus as political refugees). In addition, there are pupils of migrants from other European countries.

The school includes pupils from various socio-economic backgrounds. Around 31% of the pupils come from divorced families and around 1,5% of our pupils come from families who live below the poverty level. The school runs a charity program where 13% of our pupils receive daily support such as food at school and, occasionally, they receive clothing.

In all there are 9 staff and 65 teachers of different specialties with some of them holding a Postgraduate Degree (MSc & PhD level). In the school, various subjects are taught such as Information Technology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, History, Music, Religious Studies, Languages, Physical Education, Arts etc.  The school has participated in many local and national project competitions where some pupils achieved very good results.

The school has introduced the 21st Century Learning to ensure student success in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.


Aula Campus is a vocational training school in Burjassot, Valencia. They teach Informatics and Communication and their courses aim to train students in new technologies, as well as prepare them for the labour market both inside and outside our borders. They believe in an innovative and digital education and they are part of Erasmus + projects to exchange new approaches and awaken the interest of students, enhancing the role of digital culture and expanding their professional possibilities.

CRESCENDO is an Innovative Startup that creates a bridge between Digital companies that want to hire young Digital Specialists, but cannot find them, and young and recent graduates interested in a Digital job, who do not yet have all the required skills (Technology, Soft Skill, Business Culture).
Starting from the profiles that companies are looking for and from what young people are, feel and dream of becoming, CRESCENDO builds a connection aimed at creating new jobs, based on innovative processes and supported by integrated technologies. CRESCENDO participates in the
CONTEST action for Italy SCHOOLS

Impact Hub Roma is the Roman headquarter of the Impact Hub global network. Since 2012 Impact Hub Roma has been a collaborative working space that brings together entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals, linked by a common interest in the social impact and innovative drive of their projects; it offers entrepreneurial support and promotes events and projects oriented to community building and impact.