The RE-EdUCo project promotes the production, testing and sharing of new approaches to training methods in digital innovation.  As part of the project, orientation workshops were held in February that illustrated to students and teachers the changes in the world of work and the way in which digital innovation is changing the world of professions and skills required. The goal of these meetings was to guide students and teachers towards more informed choices and the activation of more effective learning strategies and personal growth. Specifically, the orientation workshop entitled “New skills and new labor perspective: Trends, profile, emerging competences” has allowed us to deal with various issues related to digital transformation and its impact on the world of work, the four areas of digital transformation (Operation Optimization Customer Engagement Employee Empowerment Product Transformation), the profiles of the ict professions most in demand, the list of professions related to the digital world and the skills and competences most required by digitization: the most relevant digital skills.

Through a strong involvement of the participants and with the support of multimedia contributions, the workshop represented an important opportunity to acquire the essential tools for the job search and to achieve a greater awareness of their own value, an essential aspect to identify an effective and rewarding path to enter the labor market, learning to govern personally the change related to this fundamental transition phase.

The purpose of these meetings was to lead students and teachers towards more conscious choices to strengthen digital skills, to use new technologies to build new learning methods.


The courses in Italy will last until the end of March (see the calendar and modules). During the up-coming weeks the same activities will start in other countries which participate to the project (i.e. Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Finland), involving a further and much greater number of students, schools and teachers.

After this phase, interested students and schools will have the opportunity to continue their training by participating in the active learning sessions and by taking part in the contest for the creation of business’ ideas.