The Re-Educo project is entering its implementation phase. Seminars and training courses which have started in Italy are continuously going on with excellent results. 

Currently, a total of 430 students from 9 Italian high schools are attending the courses. 8-day long informative seminars and orientation activities and a 24-hour training course carried out by experts and tutors (as well as integrated by self-learning activities) will lead students to better understand the new challenges posed by digital culture, strengthening their basic digital skills and their job prospects.

Many topics are being covered such as: the European context for digital innovation, new technologies, risks and opportunities for work and life, cyberbullying, digital ethics, the critical use of social media and Internet data, new skills and new job prospects, society 5.0 New digital identity and active citizenship.

The courses in Italy will last until the end of March (see the calendar and modules). During the up-coming weeks the same activities will start in other countries which participate to the project (i.e. Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Finland), involving a further and much greater number of students, schools and teachers.

After this phase, interested students and schools will have the opportunity to continue their training by participating in the active learning sessions and by taking part in the contest for the creation of business’ ideas.