The Archangelos High School in Nicosia, Cyprus participated at the first phase of our project from 19 March until 27 April 2021. The training sessions were attended by 41 students and 6 teachers with both physical and virtual classes taking place due to the pandemic restrictions that were applied in Cyprus.


Emmelia Menoikou, a student that participated at all sessions, mentions: “I am very grateful to have been part of these seminars. I have learned many important things and life lessons. I think the same applies to the rest of my classmates, who were lucky enough to participate in this wonderful experience. We are extremely thankful and for me one of my favourite topics was cyberbullying , because it is becoming more and more common nowadays , especially as technology is evolving, so it fully deserves our attention. This horrifying form of bullying may be even worse than typical bullying since it has anonymity and the bully’ s identity is kept secret. That’s why I appreciated that you raised awareness on this topic.”