• European Context for digital
  • New technologies innovation
  • Cyberbulling & Digital Ethics
  • Critical use of social media and internet data

Our  “Re-Educo” experience was really interesting and educational. Among  the seminars we attended, especially those about the New Technologies and the AI touched us the most, because they dealt with information unknown to us until now. The theme of the changes brought by the diffusion of digitalization let us become aware of how technology is important in our society and how it will be in the future. Moreover, we had  the opportunity to express our opinions and to answer many questions, therefore we followed the seminars very attentively. What else can we say, except that we have a better insight into problems linked with the use of Internet, such as cyber-bullying and violation of privacy, and as a result, a better idea about how to protect ourselves.                                                                        

Thanks a lot!


Gli alunni della Classe III B Liceo Scientifico IIS “PARMENIDE” – Roccadaspide (SA)ng