“The first phase of the Erasmus project “Re – EDUCO”, was very instructive, the seminars were held by experts in the field who explained very clearly and with technical terms, but understandable.

By now, moreover, it is a fact that we live in what can be defined as the “digital era”, and that is why I think it is important to inform ourselves and delve into precisely the topics covered in this project:

Digital Innovation in the European Context;

New Technologies;

Cyberbullying & Digital Ethics;

Critical use of social media and internet data.

Each of these topics was useful to learn about the digital world and the seminars, although they engaged us for a couple of hours, were very interesting and educational.

The webinar that interested me the most was the one on Cyberbullying & Digital Ethics: a topic that interests me a lot because it concerns especially the kids of my age, who not only can be victims of cyberbullying but can also become “cyberbullies” because using the Internet and social media irresponsibly, they don’t understand that a simple comment or misbehavior causes even serious consequences. The usefulness of this seminar was precisely that of making me understand that using the web with superficiality can cause very serious consequences.

For these reasons I believe that this experience has been very constructive and useful, both from a personal point of view and for the future opportunities that the use of these seminars can offer.”

Alessandra Scavone 4 A PNT

IIS Borghese-Faranda

In a digitized world like ours, a solid knowledge of information technology is essential, just think of the digitization that is involving all fields, work and non-work, especially the school environment. For a year now, due to the pandemic emergency, information technologies have entered every single moment of our daily lives, with new working methods, such as smart working. As regards the educational and training field, it had to face new challenges too, with lessons, seminars and training meetings remotely, causing some problems and some advantages. Thanks to this situation we have been able to understand how a good knowledge of computer technologies is crucial nowadays. That’s why we decided to enroll in the Re-Educo seminars on various topics related to computer science: such as the use of social media and the data on the web; of artificial intelligence; of digital ethics; of digital innovation that is occurring and will continue.

The seminars, in addition to subjects of pure technical nature, have dealt with more humanistic topics such as the cyberbullying’s theme; which is a problem present in our society today more than ever, concerning not only groups of a certain age, but, literally, each person. Thanks to Re-Educo seminars, we were able to learn and obtain the necessary tools for effective, serene and safe surfing on the net.

Calcò Labruzzo Marika

Maggiore Gabriele


“IIS Borghese-Faranda” – Patti