I think that the RE-EDUCO course we attended has trained us both from a cultural point of view and from a civic point of view because, we kids, represent the promoters of a new computer evolution, increasingly tied to the technology with which we usually confront ourselves. Nowadays it is very important to have a general overview of the platforms on which to entrust for example our personal data, especially to avoid the scams that lately occur with greater frequency. I found these meetings very interesting and especially engaging thanks to the interaction between the speaker and the participants. 

Sara Sartorello


I attended the 4 meetings of the “RE-EDUCO NEW DIGITAL IDENTITY AND ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP” project presented by Professor Rosario Fondacaro. The various lessons were presented flawlessly in a very engaging and interesting way, always maintaining an appropriate and technical vocabulary coherent with the topics covered. From my point of view, this course was very useful for us students as it dealt with topics concerning digital identity, of which, despite being digital natives, we know very little of. Thanks to the lessons, I am now more aware of what I can and cannot do on the internet, of my rights and what digital identity is.

Also I really liked that it was explained how to do the SPID and its advantages, and for this I will do it as soon as possible. The group activities were also very formative because we had to deal with issues that are not very well known and for this reason it was a great challenge to be able to find reliable information on the internet on these topics that few people talk about.

I conclude by saying that I really enjoyed the project and I would do it again!

Famengo Vittorio


The RE-EDUCO course was a new experience that led us to learn new knowledge in the field of digitization; we learned about using applications that help people handle multiple questions more easily. Furthermore, this course has led us to collaborate with new peers, directing us to the world of work and acquiring dialogue skills, social and economic skills. Conclusion It was a good course, well organized and highly recommended.

Petra Perocco, Andrea Fini 4B CAT  


The Re-educo project was very useful and provided us with important knowledge that is often not learned at school.  These will surely be useful for life in the future and, above all, they have opened our minds to some little-known topics.

 During the experience we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the various digitization systems, not only Italian but also European.  Thanks to this we have explored topics such as spid, electronic identity card, digital identity, digitization.  Furthermore, we talked about the rights and duties that every state should respect, but as in the Italian one, very often they are not respected due to organizational and economic deficiencies.

 In conclusion, it was a very interesting course that I recommend to everyone, especially to almost 18-year-olds.

Pongiluppi Dennis e Gerotto Pierre