On Monday, October 3, the international competition of the RE-EDUCO project took place. In this online event, the winning students from each country – Finland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Cyprus – presented their proposals to an international jury of experts who provided feedback and evaluated the proposals.
The proposals submitted covered different problems within the sectors of e-health and wellness, climate change, smart cities and digital education, and offered solutions that integrate digital technologies to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and just planet.

The sectors covered by the proposals were as follows:
CLIMATE CHANGE: How to ensure sustainable consumption and production and combat climate change and its impacts.
EDUCATION: How to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote learning opportunities.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: How to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
SMARTCITIES: How to make cities and communities sustainable.

The International Competition of the RE-EDUCO project had the following objectives:
– To design shared pathways for digital development in an innovative, sustainable and inclusive way in several key sectors for the European economy, using innovative
learning methodologies and new technologies.
– To produce innovative project ideas to accompany the development of an entrepreneurial idea and a start-up, through collaborations with digital companies.
– Strengthen relationships between teachers, students and companies, in an entrepreneurial vision through active and creative educational approaches.
-Development and/or use of tools and Apps to promote digital innovation in specific fields.
– Enhance student participation and improve their digital, entrepreneurial and soft skills.
– Project management and teamwork.

The day concluded with one winner per country. The winning proposals from each country are as follows:

  • Winners from Cyprus: SimplIE-GREEN
  • Winners from Finland: Bono’s Fresh Kicks
  • Winners from Greece: TranschApp
  • Winners from Italy: Scavengers of the Sea
  • Winners from Spain: SororidApp

On this day we had the opportunity to create synergies between students, partners and experts, sharing information and views on the business proposals of all students.

The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to receive mentoring related to the development of business ideas and digital applications directly with industry experts in order to implement their business ideas! We will soon announce all the details!