Digitale Italia produced a program dedicated to digital skills and student training, with a focus on the Re-Educo project. Guests of the web format of Aidr, partner in the European project, Stefania Capogna: Scientific Director of the Re-Educo project and Head of the Aidr Digital Education Observatory, and Vittorio Zenardi: Head of Communication for the Re-Educo project and Member of the Aidr Board.
“The Re- Educo project, which involved more than six hundred students in Italy, had a twofold objective: to help bridge the gap between Italy and the rest of Europe in the area of digital skills, while at the same time providing students and teachers with a new approach to training, in which the focus is not simply on the notions to be undertaken, but on the dissemination of digital culture itself,” stressed Stefania Capogna in her speech. This new approach,” continued Vittorio Zenardi, Head of Communication for the Re-Educo project and member of the AIDR Executive Board, “allowed the students to discuss current issues in the classroom, from combating fake news to managing social networks. Digital technology affects every aspect of daily life. Knowing how to use technology means not only mastering the tools, but also being aware of the risks and opportunities of the tools themselves.